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Announcing Stronger Together 2014


Mully Children’s Family Charitable Foundation received a Stronger Together grant in 2013 for their innovative irrigation project in Kenya.

We are pleased to announce that a new round of grants will be made available through the granting partners of Stronger Together 2014.

Our fifth year of collaborative funding brings changes which allow for a more strategic effort by the individual donors who form this group.  These are summarized below and in our eligibility criteria:

  1. Smaller, focused group of donors.  Four granting partners have confirmed participation in ST2014: Bridgeway Foundation, DH Falle Family Foundation, John and Rebecca Horwood, and the JVE Fund of Legacy Foundation.  Together we are pledging $500,000 towards innovative initiatives that generate impact.  Grants will be awarded in July 2014.
  2. Larger, fewer grants.  Proposals for 3% of a charity’s revenue last year, up to a maximum of $100,000, will be considered.  Both large and small charities are encouraged to apply.  We anticipate this will mean funding approximately 10 grants in total ranging from $100,000 to $7,500 in size.
  3. Simple, two-stage application process.  To save time and energy by both charities and ST2014, we will be receiving short 2 page LOIs (Letters of Inquiry) using our online application process.  LOIs will be received between January 1-31.  Full applications will be developed by shortlisted applicants in February.
  4. Room for new applicants.  Charities that received grants from Stronger Together in 2013 are asked not to apply in 2014 to create room for other innovative initiatives.  This allows ST2013 grant recipients the opportunity to complete the terms of their grant before any new grants are considered.

ST2014 will host an online meeting in mid-December for interested charities.  In this meeting, we will outline the priorities which will guide our selection process.  Follow this blog in later November for more details on the time of the meeting and how to register to attend.

Competition is likely to be intense for this round of grants.  We wish all applicants well, and trust that our initiative will generate creative expressions of social benefit by Christian charities in Canada and around the world.

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